seeking BU undergrads for officers of BU bikes!

A group of BU students plans to submit an application for a new BU student organization with a mission of working toward making Boston University a more friendly, safe and supportive campus and community for cyclists. BU requires that the officers be undergrad students, ideally ones who will be around for more than just one year. Many of the students in the current group are grad students, so they’re looking for some interested and qualified undergrads…

If you’re interested, please post here and we’ll get the message to BU bikes

and if you’re not an undergrad who wants to be an officer, please just SPREAD THE WORD!

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4 Responses to seeking BU undergrads for officers of BU bikes!

  1. Alex Leavitt says:

    Got a forwarded email about this short blurb. Would be glad to get into contact w/ Dean Elmore about such a group.

  2. Brian Hicks says:

    A bike barn, a proportionate ratio of racks to auto parking at comparable distances, a well publicized protocol for the removal of abandoned bikes, and a better means of communicating where bicycles can and cannot be locked would serve BU well. Count me in.

  3. Farah M! says:

    hey, i’m an undergraduate student & amp; if you’re still in need of filling an officer position, i’d be in. i know david schaich, so maybe he can tell you if i’m qualified enough. regardless, i am very pro this group & amp; i support!

  4. Jon Niehof says:

    Could you get us all in touch with each other? I’m not aware of anybody who’s boiling about this except around the department (hi Brian!)

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