Comm Ave to get lanes from BU Bridge to Packard’s Corner… SOON

I was riding home last night and saw the crews grinding down the arrows at Packard’s Corner. Here’s the proof:

I talked with one of the supervisors. We can expect the paint to go down this week if the rain holds off. They are slightly shifting the travel lanes to the left and squeezing them a bit to make room for a 5-ft bike lane, which will go between the right lane and the parked cars. The car parking will remain, as will all the left turns. This should look similar to what was done on Comm Ave from Kenmore Sq to BU Bridge. I do not know what will happen once the lanes hit Packard’s Corner, which may be tricky since going outbound there’s a big left turn onto Comm Ave and the carriage lane, and a straight lane onto Brighton Ave. Also there’s the B-Line train tracks and a semblance of the old A-Line train tracks which could (and do) make for hazardous road conditions…. I hope there will be some notification for cars, t-drivers, and bikers about the dangers of merging.

This is a big connection that will help put together our bike-lane network. Lanes on Comm Ave from the Public Garden all the way to Packard’s Corner. There is a slight gap outbound on both Comm Ave and Brighton Ave if you’re traveling to the lanes on Harvard Ave, but still — Way to go Boston! Keep up the good work!

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3 Responses to Comm Ave to get lanes from BU Bridge to Packard’s Corner… SOON

  1. jay says:

    A bike box outbound at Packard’s Corner would be useful, I think.

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  3. Lucas says:

    A bike box tucked in to where the A-line tracks cut west from the B-line would be ideal so cyclists can wait for traffic coming down brighton ave in anticipation of merging into the outbound carriage lane, well ahead of the cars stopped at the light. Of course, it would work best if those 20 feet of rail could be dug up or paved over.

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