ABbikes rocks it at the Allston Village Street Fair

Last Sunday was the Allston Village Street Fair — affectionately known as Allston Day — and our local friends and family turned out in droves! Thousands came out on a gorgeous day to hear bands, meet candidates, browse the vendors, and chat bike with a few kind tablers at the ABbikes table.

We even had the bike generator going, which was perfect for an impromptu side stage, so we became a street stage for three acts: Mornin’ Old Sport, “Brendan & Jeremy, Roomies”, and Timmy K.

Bicycle generated power for the band!

I’d like to send a very heartfelt “Thank You” to the Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center in North Allston for the 25 helmets we were able to give away. And to International Bicycle Center for lending us a long cable to lock-up bikes for the valet. And to Boston Bikes for shipping me the first batch of new 2010 City of Boston Bike Maps (we handed out all 300). And to the Boston Cyclists Union for their petitions to improve bike conditions on Western Ave and Cambridge St. And to Josh Chadwick, Dave Pappas, Jess Robertson, John Shin and John B. for the help manning the table. And, of course, thanks to everyone who pedaled to keep the music going!

We’d also like to thank the The Parents and Community Build Group, Inc. (PCBG) and the Ringer Park Partnership Group, for setting up the whole event.  You can check out more news on the Allston Village Street Fair here for next year’s information.


I snapped photos of the eager helmet recipients — posted below. I tell ya, when people heard we had helmets to give out, they swarmed the table! We couldn’t give them away fast enough. It was great, though, to give helmets not only to the kids but to their parents as well, and go through a basic “how-to” for wearing the styrofoam hats. It’s true, we have great, great folks in our neighborhood.
Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

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